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Welcome to A.C.E., Inc.’s nationwide locate debtor services website! Our nationwide legal support and attorney support services company is here to assist you with finding the debtor or a person in default of an agreement to pay.

A.C.E., Inc. is a 21-year-old process serving company that has been conducting its business throughout the entire nation, where our corporate office is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. A.C.E., Inc. takes pride in being the go-to location and skip trace service to assist you with finding and connecting with a debor or deliquent client. Our locator services are performed by a licensed Private Investigator.

When you need to skip trace and or locator someone let us our in house experts assist you. We will be sure to provide you with a flat fee and offer you our highest level quality of service in the nation guaranteed.

Experienced Agents

A.C.E., Inc. nationwide agents specialize in finding debtors across the United States! Our agents diligently investigate the debtors in question, where they most likely will be served the appropriate legal letters, notifications and summonses a.s.a.p

Friendly and Shrewd Investigation Services

Here at A.C.E., Inc. we are hard-wired to treat each request with as much attention to detail as possible. We take your business very seriously and will be sure to work with you on an individual basis to carry out your serving requirements. All of this is carried out in an effort to please all of our clients and create a fundamentally personalized experience.

A.C.E., Inc. prides itself on being a nationally recognized skip trace and locate service company that is trustworthy and efficient. We take your business very seriously, where we go through extensive lengths to get the job done in a manner that is accurate and time-sensitive. 

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Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation is a Florida Statewide Private Investigation Agency. We operate our nationwide business from one location in Boynton Beach and have contract agents just about everywhere in the United States. Through our vast network and long standing relationships we are able to assist our clients with location, skip tracing and process serving with a high level of proficiency and dependabiliy. To learn more about what we can do for you, please connect with us.

Primary Skip Trace Services offered by A.C.E.

Find and Locate Debtors

Investigate LIfestyle and Personal Data

Deliver Legal Notices

Serve Legal Service of Process

Post or Deliver Demand Letters

Private Investigation Services

Licensed, Complaint and covert services and performed by an in house investigator. We do not contract investigation services and only use a licensed investigator to handle your file.